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ZeroPlus DanceWorks is a creative lab & education center for contemporary dance and somatics

Movement-based performing arts

Professional program in Budapest


The ZeroPlus Performing Arts Education Program is for everyone who is interested in movement practice and performance.

The Program:

  • PROVIDES the Participants with tools & necessary technical Background to make them able to accomplish their creative visions

  • OFFERS the Participants a safe place where they can explore their individuality, broaden their horizons and develop their artistic voice

  • BRINGS together people from diverse backgrounds, thus giving the opportunity to find connections between various disciplines and ways of thinking

We invite you to explore and experiment with the body in performance. You will gradually expand your awareness in movement, improve your technical capabilities, and start using movement consciously in creation. Your focus may be any performance practice, among others choreography, theater, performance art, digital performances and transdisciplinary works.

During your studies, we will support you in creating your own works, finding your own voice, and discovering your individuality through movement and creation. Instead of providing you with prefabricated answers, we will ask you to pose questions (above all to yourself), to investigate, research and experiment. You can take part in a deep workflow, surrounded by peers with a similar point of view, in a supportive atmosphere.

Supporters and partners of ZeroPlus DanceWorks have been:

Ministry of Human Capacities (EMMI), National Talent Proogram, National Cultural Fund of Hungary (NKA), Hungarian Academy of Arts, L1 Association, Workshop Foundation, Summa Artium Private Cultural Support Fund, workspacebrussels
In 2020, the performing arts activities and the Synchronized Beats project of ZeroPlus DanceWorks were supported by the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

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