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The aim of this ballet class is to create an environment in which we feel relaxed and free to ask questions anytime and to explore our own way of dancing ballet. Participants will improve their physical strength and body awareness. The way I teach is that even if you don’t know the ballet terminology, you can study the Vaganova method with the help of natural movements, and by using inner images. I share all my knowledge to support you in improving ballet as your skill, that you can consciously use not only in my classes but in any other dancing practices as well. 






Ayumi Toyabe


We start by warming up and practising dance techniques on the floor, then we gradually get more dynamic and use more space. Combination, improvisation, simple exercises are not only for the body movements but for rhythm and musicality as well. Every week, I’m bringing fresh ideas, which transfom the regular class into a real experimental research workshop. My practice is also inspired by Butoh, an avantgarde Japanese dance style. We are going to build up an inspiring class environment in which all participants can study with each others’ support.

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