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Cake, wine, dance, sex (2013)

The piece explores dating... How do we make contact with the other sex? What are our thoughts, wishes and feelings? What are our desires and fears? What role do we play and what image do we try to make during the first few dates?

During the creation we studied the connection between movement, text, discourse, voice and music. The four-member choir sometimes says out loud the movers' thoughts and sometimes they create a sound atmosphere.

Due to the universality of the piece, it was performed in theaters, educational institutes and high schools.

Concept, directing: Gyula Berger
Music: Attila Szabó
Choreography: Gyula Berger and company members
Dramaturgy: Boglárka Cziglényi
Costume: Pillangó
Choir: Ganni Gárdonyi, Andrea Kovács, Adrienn Lőrincz, Szilvia Szigeti
Performers: Grégory Chevalier, Flóra Eszter Sarlós, Viktória Sipos, Boglárka Varga
Light: Balázs Szabon

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