1027 Budapest, Jurányi st. 1.

Tel: +36705016802 / Email:

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Once in a lifetime, everyone wanted to be  an astronaut or a ballet dancer!
With me, one can be realized. 

Regardless of our age, in a group of maximum 10 people,

we learn according to the methodology of the classical ballet training. 

A class lasts for an hour and a half and

it consists of three parts - barre, middle exercises and jumps.

The purpose of the classes is solely to bring joy to movement,

to develop muscle, coordination, sense of rhythm, endurance and to improve alignment.

Of course you can lose weight too - moreover an essential condition of theatrical existence is

to know at least the basic elements of classical ballet.


ZeroPlus Dance Studio

Jurányi u. 1.  first floor


Sundays: 10.00-11.30

Sngle class = 1.500 Ft     4 classes = 5.400 Ft     8 classes = 10.200


Imre Andrási

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