Your body – My landscape (2013-15)

A dance theatre piece created in collaboration with Dutch artist Roos van Berkel.

“Your Body – My Landscape tells about the adventure found in every relationship, the exploration of the other person and through them of ourselves with an intimate history of love. Its performers playfully and alternately lift and support each other changing the supportive, active and the welcoming, passive roles. However, their harmonic duet gets filled with new dynamics, (everyday) frustrations and oppositions. They alternately provoke and tame each other, fighting with themselves rather than the other.” (Vasárnapi Hírek, Orsolya Bálint, translation by ZeroPlus DanceWorks)

Choreography, Dance: Roos van Berkel (NL) & Gyula Berger (HU)
Choreography consultant: Irene Schaltegger (NL)
Set design: Martina Bauer (D/NL)
Music: Márkos Albert (HU)
Light design: Árvai György (HU)

1 Jurányi Street, Budapest 1027

Tel: +36705016802


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