I am ...

contemporary dance exhibition

Our show, which provides a possible answer to the eternal question of “who am I,” is halfway between an installation and a dance theater performance. The characters appear in spaces created by the performers from different objects, which our spectators can watch while walking.

Creators, performers: Emilia Abe, Adrienn Fejős, Anna Stefanovics, Veronika Keresztesy, Alejandra Rosas
Music:  Ádám Márton Horváth, Daniel Gautschi
Exhibition guide, facilitator: Gyula Berger

Supporters: Summa Artium Private Cultural Support Fund, Köszönjük, Magyarország!, L1 Association, Workshop Foundation

1 Jurányi Street, Budapest 1027

Tel: +36705016802

Email: zeroplusz.studio@gmail.com

Adult education (FAR) number:

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