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FELDENKRAIS workshop – December 11–12

We will spend two days in December immersed in the gentle transformative power of the Feldenkrais Method. It will be a time to slow down and listen to what is at work in our movement. As we become aware of how we move, we gain the ability to expand our repertoire in ways that are surprisingly easy and enjoyable.

Under the guidance of Luiza Moraes, participants will have the opportunity to further develop their movement history to meet their current needs. We often continue to carry movement and emotional patterns that are no longer efficient which cause a sense of discomfort, pain or excessive effort to perform simple actions. Feldenkrais offers a fresh range of possibilities and engages the intelligence of the nervous system to improve the quality of our movement.

This workshop is recommended to all those who are interested in developing their movement further, be that for specialized fields such as dance or sports or for general everyday actions.

The program of the workshop will include:

  • Awareness Through Movement lessons (more below)

  • Presentation of core principles of the Feldenkrais Method

  • Structured sharing and discussion

  • Writing practices

  • Movement improvisation

  • (optional) Functional Integration lesson for an extra fee (more below)

Awareness Through Movement is a lesson in which students are verbally guided to perform simple actions with a great sense of ease. As the lessons tap into underlying movement principles present in the organization of the nervous system, they promote an actualization of our strategies in action. As a result, students generally experience a sense of relaxed alertness with improved breathing, posture and emotional well-being.

All students who sign up for the intensive will have the option to also schedule a Functional Integration lesson for an extra fee of HUF 6.000. Functional Integration is a lesson of the Feldenkrais Method which happens through touch and is designed for the needs of each individual student. Lessons will happen in the II district, 2 minutes away from Jurányi and will be scheduled for the week following the intensive.


11–12 December 2021, each day 9:00-16:00

ZeroPlus Dance Studio, 1 Jurányi Street, Budapest 1027


HUF 15.000 for the 2-day workshop

HUF 9.000 for a single day. Please note that participation in the whole workshop is recommended and it is possible to join a single day if places are not filled up.

If paying the full fee would be difficult in your current situation, please contact us at to discuss a discount option.


Please fill out this form until December 9:

The condition for participation is the payment of fee by bank transfer. After registration, you will receive an invoice together with the bank transfer details. If the workshop is cancelled, we reimburse 100% of the fee.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

LUIZA MORAES is a Brazilian performance and movement artist currently based in Budapest. With an interdisciplinary background, she has studied and worked in the fields of History, Contemporary Dance, Choreography, the Feldenkrais method, traditional crafts, divination methods and folk healing. Her work happens at the intersection of movement, ritual and decolonial feminism. She is certified by The Feldenkrais Institut Wien.

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