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SPACE DANCE workshop – September 25

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

This one-day event is a collaboration between Tokyo Space Dance and ZeroPlus DanceWorks.

SPACE DANCE SCHOOL is a dance school which exists online and offline for all over the world where you can learn Space Dance and develop your own movements as an independent dance artist. We are open to any ages, genders, nationalities, and dance experience.

Space Dance is the dance which is not influenced by the global trends that change every year. SD-School prepares you to decide and build up your independence as a dance artist and it can actively work for your life time. You will be the one brand by yourself in the end.

“How does the environment around you make your body move?”

“How can we listen to our body reaction in nature?”

There are many focuses in Space Dance about the relationship between body and nature, body and object and body and space.

Currently SD-School has space dancers in Tokyo, Budapest, Antalya, Algiers, Mexico city, Izmir, Paris, Roma, Bogota. We are looking forward to the new meeting with you!


25 September 2021

10:00-12:00 Studio session (ZeroPlus Dance Studio, 1 Jurányi Street, Budapest 1027)

12:00-13:30 Lunch Break / going to Gellért hill for the outdoor session

13:30-16:30 Outdoor session (Gellért hill)

Maximum number of participants: 5

*In case of a larger group, there will be another day (26th September 2021) for the second group.


Studio session

- Learning theory of Space Dance, Introduction of the director Tetsuto Fukuhara by the facilitator Ayumi Toyabe

- Trying out with the body using the information above

Outdoor session

- Moving with the natural objects with the facilitator’s instructions

- Recording other’s dance and being recorded

- Sharing the experience / thoughts between the participants

Facilitator: Ayumi Toyabe (JP)

Assistant director of Space Dance School and Tokyo Space Dance


3.500 HUF / Studio session only

6.500 HUF / DAY

With the reduction for the students of ZeroPlus DanceWorks

2.500 HUF / Studio session only

5.500 HUF / DAY

*Studio session is required to join the outdoor session.


Please send your short introduction to

Your registration will be confirmed after receiving a reply from the facilitator.

You can find out more about SD-School at

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