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SYNCHRONIZED BEATS – premiere on December 14

The newest creation of ZeroPlus DanceWorks will premiere in Bakelit Multi Art Center on December 14, 2021. Choreography: Gyula Berger

Performers: Adrienn Fejős, Anna Horváth, Alejandra Rosas (CO), Anna Stefanovics, Dóra Varga

Music: Borut Krzisnik (SLO)

Lighting: Géza Budai

Costumes: Katalin Stampf - ARTISTA

Hair: Ekaterina Kutepova (RU)

"We tick, glide, vibrate, open up, rampage, stack, simplify, expose, curl, bustle, slide, bang, beware, bounce, explode, squeak, parallel, carry, drop, reach, terminate, stop. We repeat, we watch. We tick."

ZeroPlus DanceWorks' piece tries to present the playful course of life, its constant pulsation and its changing dynamics through rhythmic structures. The choreography is like a clockwork, its components, wheels always rotate. Meetings in a closed space, in a closed world. The evolution of the scenes – from the starting oneness into solos, duos, and backwards – provides the basic structure of the piece. Moving from private to common makes it vibrant. Each scene has its own specific quality according to the personality and the temperament of the ruling character. Trailers:

Venue: Bakelit Multi Art Center, Soroksári út 164., Building XVIII, 1095 Budapest

Date: 14 December 2021, 19:00

Tickets are available on-site or online:

NORMAL ticket /// 2000 HUF

Can only be redeemed on the day of the performance:

SUPPORT ticket/// 3000 HUF

PROFESSIONAL ticket /// 1000 HUF

Partner: Bakelit Multi Art Center

Supporters: Ministry of Human Capacities, Hungarian Academy of Arts, L1 Association, Workshop Foundation, ARTISTA, Jurányi House

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