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THE HEALING GARDEN artistic reasearch – October 5–9

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Develop your own artistic voice in an open and encouraging environment through research, trans-disciplinary creation and performance.

The intensive covers

Topics: healing, care, joy, serenity, gratitude, wellbeing, trust, mutual respect, love, temptation, freedom and desire

Activities: contemporary dance, performance, ritual, ceremony, blessing, land-art, art in nature, participative performance.


5–9 October 2021, every day from 15–18h or 12–18h


​"ISBN" is a contemporary art gallery in the center of Budapest (HU). Classes will be held in the gallery space, outdoor, dance studio, garden, forest, underground venues...


- Part time: 25 000 HUF (75€) (15h, every day from 15-18h)

- Full time: 50 000 HUF (150€) (30h, every day from 12-18h)

Number of participants: 10 women / module

Further information and application:

The Healing Garden program is part of the School of Disobedience, an experimental, anti-canonical and critical Performance Art School and Fight Club for women. For all women regardless age, race, sexual orientation, religion, political leanings, professional and personal background.

This one-week intensive is the second collaboration between ZeroPlus DanceWorks and Gray Boy Company.

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