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T H I R S T dance film – online premier on December 9

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

We invite you to watch our online premiere on Vimeo, which will be available until midnight, December 11, 2021:

Concept: Anna Horváth / Gyula Berger

Directed by: Gyula Berger

Choreography: Gyula Berger

Performed by: Anna Horváth

Editing: Hana Yamazaki

Music: Ádám Márton Horváth

Cinematographer: Balázs Lajti (

Animation: Hana Yamazaki

Lighting design: Géza Budai

Costume: Edit Szűcs

Hair, make-up: Ekaterina Kutepova

Production assistant: Lara Hauser

A dance film about the vulnerability to the unquenchable desires, which, by

encouraging unbridled consumption, destroys the individual as well as its environment.

Despite the abundant supply the world offers her, the young woman cannot escape from her inner emptiness and her desire for more. As she struggles to conquer herself, she reflects on her own identity which is no longer a single entity. She manages to gain a certain resoluteness through her attempts, but the world remains desolated and she finds no escape.


National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Jurányi House, L1 Association, Workshop Foundation

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