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Updated: Aug 9, 2022

ZeroPlus Dance Platform is a series of events that provide space for informal, work-in-progress studio presentations of artistic works created in the frame of the ZeroPlus Performing Arts Education Program. It is a place where artists are free to experiment, test their ideas, and get inspirational, supportive, non-judgmental feedback from the public about their artistic activities.

When: SATURDAY, 26 FEBRUARY, 2022 at 7 p.m.

Where: ZEROPLUS DANCE STUDIO in the Jurányi House 1027 Budapest, Jurányi u. 1st floor

Entrance is free. Please REGISTER due to the limited number of places! We will notify you by e-mail if the registration was successful.

Program: BEFORE THE WORDS (work in progress) Creator/Performer: Naomi Weidmann (CH)

"What happens before the words ? Before the sound of our thought ? The voice tremor, the waiting, the stammering, the silence, the hesitation, it’s all what happens between the inside and the outside. This instant reflects as well vulnerability and courage. Sometimes it’s hard to find the words, the good ones, to find the good moment for the good words, to find the courage inside of ourselves, to articulate our mind into sound, to formulate an audible speech. With this performance, I propose an exploration of the musicality of the thinking and the poetry of the body. I would like to attempt making visible the path that leads to the talk. The topic is thought as a sensation, a texture, an emotion and a sound.

My research is visual, physical and vocal. The structure of the performance will be fixed but the movements will be half-fixed half-improvised." /Naomi Weidmann/

The one who raises the topic: NAOMI WEIDMANN (CH):

EDUCATION 2021-2022: ZeroPlus Performing Arts Education Program, Budapest 2019-2020 Intensive contemporary dance programme OFICINA ZERO (Porto) 2016 - 2019 University of Strasbourg - Performing Arts, option Theatre

ARTISTIC PRACTICE - Soleil Session #1 in Festival Arsenic and #2 in Semencerie. Conception: Vivien Knuchel - Physical Theatre performance for la balade-performance AMOURS #1 for Strasbourg Mon Amour 2018 - dance performance for AMOURS #2 for Strasbourg Mon Amour 2019 - Dance performance for the event “Marche Nordique” for Strasbourg Mon Amour 2020 - Physical Theatre classes at Ecole de Théâtre Physique in Strasbourg (3 years) - Theatre at Conservatoire de Colmar (1 year)

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