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This is a complex training program for all those who:

  • are on their way to become a professional contemporary dancer/performer/actor

  • want to complete their studies in a well-known higher education institution in the future and want to be well-prepared for that

  • consider self-knowledge and high-level movement quality to play an important role in their current or future occupation (psychologists, dance therapists, health practitioners, followers of other art forms and sports, etc.)

We use many different techniques, approaches, and disciplines to help you on your journey. In our courses, the development of technical knowledge is also based on somatic approaches, using body-awareness methods. Technique classes such as Ballet, Contemporary Dance, etc. and somatic classes such as Body Awareness Dance, Contact Improvisation, etc. mutually support each other, they are like the two legs of a person, the two sides of a brain - and awareness is the bridge. Facilitating the development of individual skills and creativity is of utmost importance for us. During your studies we will encourage you to create your own dance, to find your own voice, discover your individuality through movement and performance. Instead of providing you with prefabricated answers, we will ask you to pose questions (above all to yourself), to investigate, research and experiment. You can take part in a deep workflow, surrounded by peers with a similar point of view, in a supportive atmosphere.

The ideal candidates:


  • are 18 years old or older

  • are advanced in their dance studies in any of the above mentioned dance disciplines or

  • have acquired a certain skill in various physical activities and are ready to study the laws of movement in more depth and thereby develop their abilities

You don't have to be a virtuoso, but we expect you to fully commit yourself to learning and development, to passionately deepen your knowledge while studying the motion / body / mind complex!

We are well aware that our students arrive from different backgrounds, possess different skills and abilities, and their aims are different, therefore we formed a flexible curriculum in which everyone can create their own individual paths. This means that you can customize your learning schedule choosing from the courses listed below. However, as we are deeply convinced that the program's subjects are complementary and mutually supportive, we strongly advise you to sign up for as many courses as possible, in order to gain the deepest insight and the fastest possible development in the beautiful art of movement.

The training program starts on the 16th of September, 2019 and ends on the 14th of June, 2020 (altogether 35 weeks). It consists of 2 semesters. There will be a break around Christmas /New Year and another shorter break during the spring.

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