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The classes lead the students through a structured path informed by somatic practices, improvisation and modern and contemporary dance techniques. Through the exploration of fundamental movement principles, participants expand their repertoire of possibilities while building an autonomous and investigative approach to moving. 


Anatomic imagery, relating to gravity and listening to sensorial information are key organizing elements in the class, leading to the awareness of one's own physical presence in the space. Students are encouraged to develop a close and respectful relationship with their own bodies, growing their confidence as movers and preventing injuries in the long run. 


Classes are held in English. They’re open to all levels and welcome students from all paths with a radically non-judgemental approach.



We will start the learning process by clarifying what ballet is and what are the basic principles underlying the work. We look for the special muscles needed for ballet positions and movements, and we will also discuss the relationships between them.The classes usually begin on the ground with floor barre exercises that prepare the awakening body for the subsequent ballet training without the weight of the body. In this, we follow the traditional structure of the Vaganova system: rod, middle and allegro and diagonal exercises follow each other.During the course we keep adding new exercises that are based on the previous ones thus we can gradually develop our skills and movement artistry.



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