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Body Sculptors (2014)

Everyday otherness. The piece builds upon the sometimes funny, sometimes ridiculous, and sometimes pathetic oddities that make people unique - so different from each other and yet at the same time possessing similar qualities that make them lovely human beings. Body Sculptors is an autobiographical work where dancers act themselves during the performance. In front of the audience a sculptor is creating an anthropomorphic clay figurine just as the dancers create themselves and each other.


Choreography: Gyula Berger & Company

Performers: Grégory Chevalier Anna Somlai Flóra Eszter Sarlós Boglárka Varga


Featuring: Malvina Antal, sculptor

Composer: Attila Szabó Costumes: Enikő Bodnár Light design: Balázs Szabon Director: Gyula Berger Supporters: Ministry of Human Resources, National Cultural Fund, L1 Association, Workshop Foundation Video: Balázs Lajti (

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