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Are there age limits for participants?

You need to be at least 18 years old to participate. There is no upper age limit. Based on previous years, program participants are from the age group 18-40. 


Is there an application fee?

No. The application is completely free.


What is the application deadline?

The application is ongoing until the end of August. If places are filled, you will be put on a waiting list.


When will I receive my admission result?

You will receive an answer no later than one month after you submit your application.


If admitted, when do I need to confirm my participation?

The confirmation has two steps:
Step 1. Confirm your participation by email within 2 weeks of receiving your acceptance notification.

Step 2. Pay the registration fee of 150 EUR to guarantee your place in the program.



Is there an application fee?

No. The application is completely free.


Is there a registration fee?

Yes. There is a non-refundable registration fee of 150 EUR to guarantee your participation in the program. This fee is part of your program fee (so it will be deducted from it).


If I paid the registration fee, but cannot attend the program, is the registration fee refundable?

No. The fee is non-refundable, neither for personal nor for professional reasons.


How much is the program fee?
Main program - somatic & performative technical training: 3 800 EUR.
Basic program - contemporary & ballet fundamentals: 1 300 EUR.


Can I get a discount on the program fee?

Yes. We give an early bird discount of 10% on your program fee if you apply by April 30 and 5% if you apply by May 31.


Can I pay the program fee in installments?

Yes. You can pay in two installments.


What is the deadline for paying the program fee?

If paid in one sum: September 30

If paid in two installments: first part to be paid until September 30, second part until January 15. 




I have already graduated from a dance program (secondary school or university). Is this program for me?

Yes, if you want to widen your horizons and experiment with movement. If you want to research the body in a wider sense of performing arts and performance-making.


I want to be a dancer in a dance company. Is this program for me?

Depends on what companies you have in mind. We wish to prepare you for a professional journey as an artist and creator. If your aim is to join a more experimental company, where you can be a co creator and performer, our program is a great choice. 
If you want to be a dancer in a larger, mainstream company with a more traditional approach and your goal is to bring your technical skills up to the levels required there, our program is probably not for you - but it also depends on what stage of your training you are at. If in doubt, feel free to contact us!


I have a background in theater/circus/music/film/visual arts/design etc. Is this program for me?

Yes. Today’s performance-making is based on a community of diverse thinkers and creators. Our aim is to expand your possibilities in creation and performance-making by using the expressivity of the human body and movement.


I have a background in philosophy/history/sociology/science/engineering etc. Is this program for me?

Yes. Today’s performance-making is based on a community of diverse thinkers and creators. The contemporary art scene is addressing a range of social, environmental issues and takes inspiration from diverse fields. 


I have a background in psychology/education/social care/medicine etc. Is this program for me?

Yes. Whether you want to transition into art making or enrich your current practice, gaining skills in movement and performance is valuable. Each year, we had participants from social/health/pedagogy backgrounds.




What is the technical level of the morning classes?

Body awareness, improvisation and composition focused classes let participants work with their current skills, yet challenge themselves. So the technical level depends on where you are on your movement journey.

Modern and contemporary dance technique and ballet classes are challenging if you have less training in dance. In this case, we recommend working on the basics during the fundamentals classes (in the evening) and get the movements roughly in the morning classes. If you come from vocational dance training, the morning classes have an intermediate level and the aim for you is to enrich your existing technique with new approaches and movement qualities and integrate these in your own style.


What is the level of the fundamental classes?

The fundamental classes support those who have less movement training. If you come from vocational dance training, take these classes if you want to go deep and explore minute details for yourself in fundamental technique.


Can I practice in the studio outside the classes?

Yes. You will get access to the studio timetable where you can book time in the studio for your own practice or when you work with other program participants.


What will I receive at the end of the program?

Our program is a registered adult education program in Hungary. You will receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the program.




What are the living costs in Budapest?
Budapest is relatively cheap compared to other big European cities. You can get an estimate on this website:


In case you choose to rent a room in a shared flat, it costs around 200-300 EUR/month.

A one-room flat or studio costs around 300-500 EUR/month.


How can I find accommodation in Budapest?
There are websites and Facebook groups for finding accommodation. We are happy to give you recommendations.


Can I work besides the program?

We recommend you to fully commit to the program if possible. As the year progresses, the program becomes more and more demanding, both physically and emotionally. If you cannot manage without an income, take on occasional  work or part-time work that does not overlap with the schedule of the program.

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